We are delighted to confirm that the following exhibitors will be attending this year’s Annual Systems Engineering Conference. The companies are listed in alphabetical order, with any UKAB members being listed before non-UKAB members.

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Costain helps to improve people’s lives with integrated, leading edge, smart infrastructure solutions across the UK’s energy, water, transportation and defence markets. We help our clients improve their business performance by increasing capacity, improving customer service, safeguarding security, enhancing resilience, decarbonising and delivering increased efficiency. We offer our clients leading edge solutions that are digitally optimised through the following five services which cover the whole lifecycle of their assets: future-shaping strategic consultancy; consultancy and advisory; digital technology solutions; asset optimisation and complex programme delivery. Our culture and values underpin everything we do. In February 2020, Costain launched its Climate Change Action Plan in which we commit to delivering low carbon solutions to every client by 2023. The plan also outlines how the Group will play a leading role in the development and delivery of both carbon capture and clean and renewable energy generation to reduce carbon footprints across every sector.

For more information visit: Systems thinking | Costain.

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Dassault Systèmes

CATIA No Magic (part of Dassault Systèmes) is the vendor of choice for comprehensive model-driven Systems Engineering solutions.

CATIA No Magic's Cameo Suite is recognized in the industry for its adherence to SysML, UML, BPMN, UPDM and UAF standards, usability, and ability to adapt and integrate. CATIA No Magic also provides professional services which include MBSE deployment, training, consultancy and tool customization.

The company is an active member of both OMG® and INCOSE, ensuring that standards are developed to support modelers.

For more information visit: https://www.3ds.com/products-services/catia/trends/systems-engineering/.

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IBM is the global leader in business transformation through an open hybrid cloud platform and AI, serving clients in more than 170 countries around the world. IBM is also one of the world’s most vital corporate research organizations, with 28 consecutive years of patent leadership.

IBM’s Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) is a collaborative Systems Engineering solution for complex engineering which enables teams to improve their productivity, lower cost, minimise risk and maximise advantage! It supports Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) to allow a full digital thread.

DOORS Next – requirements management solution with Watson AI Requirements Quality Assistant

Workflow Management – Agile/formal team workflows including SAFe, providing change management and planning for the solution

Rhapsody and Model Manager – Model Based Systems Engineering supporting UML, SysML, UPDM and UAF standards

Test Management – Test planning and execution, tightly integrated with requirements, workflow and MBSE

For more information visit: https://www.ibm.com/uk-en/business-operations/systems-engineering.

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Jama Software

Jama Software is focused on maximizing innovation success. Numerous firsts for humanity in fields such as fuel cells, electrification, space, autonomous vehicles, surgical robotics, and more all rely on Jama Connect® to minimize the risk of product failure, delays, cost overruns, compliance gaps, defects, and rework. Jama Connect® uniquely creates Living Requirements™ that form the digital thread through siloed development, test and risk activities to provide end-to-end compliance, risk mitigation, and process improvement. Our rapidly growing customer base of more than 12.5 million users across 30 countries spans the automotive, medical device, life sciences, semiconductor, aerospace & defense, industrial manufacturing, financial services, and insurance industries.

For more information visit: https://www.jamasoftware.com/.

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Project Performance International (PPI) is the world’s largest and most successful provider of Systems Engineering training. Having alumni of over 17,000 professionals across almost every imaginable sector in 41 countries, and as a member of the INCOSE CAB, we have been working for two decades alongside other name companies in improving the practice of engineering.

With both PPI Live-Online™ and contact training delivery formats you will:

  • Learn sound principles based on historical evidence, and astute application of these principles to create value for your enterprise
  • Discover efficient, actionable methods, some not well-known but very effective, taking in workshop format a single system through all major process areas, to achieve a high level of learning

Help make the world a better place through better engineering. For free resources or more information, visit our website or contact us at enquiries@ppi-int.com. See also https://www.ppi-int.com/se-goldmine/ and https://www.systemsengineeringtools.com/home.

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QinetiQ is a World-centre of excellence in research and development, and acts as a catalyst for fast-track innovation, offering outstanding experimentation facilities, technical, engineering and scientific expertise. The land, sea and air ranges it operates are some of the most advanced in the World.

We evaluate, integrate and secure the platforms, systems, information and assets on which missions depend. We offer customers agile and realistic testing and training experiences that are reliable, cost-effective and an accurate representation of the threats and challenging scenarios they face. Systems Engineering lies at the heart of these capabilities.

Customer Contact: +44 (0) 1252 392000

For more information visit: www.QinetiQ.com.

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Scarecrow Consultants

Scarecrow Consultants Limited is a tool-independent model-based systems engineering consultancy, formed in 2014 by Prof Jon Holt and Simon Perry with a mission to ‘promote the use and application of Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) in businesses worldwide, by pioneering new and pragmatic techniques for MBSE in the real world'.

All Scarecrow Consultants are true experts in the theory and real-life application of MBSE and are recognised at an international level. Between them, the Scarecrows have written 18 books on MBSE and related topics, more books on MBSE than written by any other organisation in the world.

For more information visit: www.scarecrowconsultants.co.uk.

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SCS Railways

The Skanska, Costain and STRABAG (SCS) joint venture (JV) brings together an industry-leading combination of tried, tested and successful partnerships, world-wide high-speed rail experience and extensive national and regional knowledge.

HS2 is a state-of-the-art, high-speed line critical for the UK’s low carbon transport future. It will provide much-needed rail capacity across the country and is integral to rail projects in the North and Midlands – helping rebalance the UK economy.

Skanska Costain STRABAG Joint Venture (SCS JV) are working together to deliver HS2 along the final 26.4km of HS2’s journey to its southern terminus in Euston. The JV will complete challenging works taking the railway from Northolt to Euston via Old Oak Common, building a variety of structures requiring expert precision and care. As 95% (21km) of the route will be in tunnel, SCS will be running seven tunnel boring machines (TBMs), of which five will operate simultaneously.

For more information visit: www.scsrailways.co.uk.

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SyntheSys Technologies

To cope with rising product complexity and significant amounts of data, modern engineering teams must improve existing methods of working whilst embracing new processes and technologies to maintain a competitive edge.

SyntheSys has more than 30 years’ experience in providing systems engineering solutions to government and industry. We focus on tool-supported systems engineering where we take world-class development tools, and team them with our mentoring services and training packages, to give our Customers a competitive advantage.

Our services focus on best practice systems engineering, the role that it plays within an organisation and how this can be developed and improved to achieve wider commercial objectives. We have helped many organisations by delivering advice on processes, training and the introduction of software tools.

For sales, services and technical enquiries: call +44 (0) 1947 821 464, email: cet@synthesys.co.uk or visit: www.synthesys-technologies.co.uk.

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Companies are transforming and adopting digital engineering practices to deliver increasingly complex products in less time, with fewer errors, and at a reduced cost. Zuken is also transforming with the acquisition of Vitech corporation.

Vitech expands Zuken’s digital engineering portfolio with Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) solutions built upon a proven Systems Engineering approach, developed working on some of the most complex and challenging programs of the last twenty-five years.

As companies look to embrace holistic design approaches, MBSE has emerged as a key component of the digital transformation. Systems Engineering is about creating good architecture; bridging architecture to detailed design is critical to enabling and improving the digital value chain. Augmenting Zuken’s digital engineering solutions with Vitech’s MBSE solutions spans this gap and evolves our digital platform, facilitating the digital thread across the product lifecycle.

The Partner for Success

Find out more at www.zuken.com/digital-engineering.